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Financial History

In our commitment to full transparency, financial summaries for the last two fiscal years are provided below. Any questions may be directed to



Our annual budget for FY2020 is $108,457. In order to continue serving both the Behsood Health Clinic and Mobile Clinic, in addition to our other services, we made a few reductions in the scope of services provided by both of these clinics to find an affordable budget. The Afghan government had planned to assume responsibility of the Behsood Health Clinic so AWAKEN could focus its efforts on the mobile clinic, but they have been unable to do so as of yet. In the meantime, we have increased our budget to continue to operate both clinics, and have been able to do so thus far with the help of all of our supporters. In fact, we have one donor who made a large donation to allow us to fund the Behsood Health Clinic for the rest of the fiscal year. With the help of this donation and many others, we have raised $90,971, which represents 84% of our budget.  However, we still need to raise about $17,500 in the next four months. Although our annual in-person fundraising dinner has been cancelled, we are grateful for the remarkable generosity demonstrated by all of you. Our annual dinner, on average, provides 47% of of our annual budget. We currently have enough funds to last until September, but our fiscal year is not over until October 31. Please consider helping us accomplish this goal by purchasing a boxed dinner or simply donating here

2018-19 Fiscal Year

2017-18 Fiscal Year

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