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Clean Water & Sanitation

Providing communities with clean water and sanitation can have significant positive impacts on the people's health, education, and overall livelihoods. AWAKEN is committed to providing clean water and adequate sanitation facilities in the communities that we serve.

Water is a Human Right.


35% of Afghans lack clean drinking water and proper restrooms

We know that clean water is scarce in rural Afghanistan and our goal is to increase access to this precious resource. We provide clean water and sanitation at all of our facilities to promote productive and healthy livelihoods.

In March of 2017, AWAKEN partnered with the Rotary Foundation to secure clean water for the Behsood Health Clinic and the Qala-e-Malakh school. This project involved renovating and building new latrines, hand-washing stations, and drinking water stations for the Behsood Health Clinic and Qala-e-Malakh school. Certain latrines are designated for female-only use to increase ease and comfort for women and girls who travel far to reach our programs. 

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