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AWAKEN’s Behsood Health Clinic was completed and opened in 2011. Located near the village of Qala-e-Makh and serving a population of approximately 40,000 people, the clinic cares for more than 3,000 patients each month. Most of these patients are women and children, many of whom walk several kilometers to visit the clinic. 


Prior to the clinic’s opening, the Behsood District had no healthcare services, but now, thanks to AWAKEN’s supporters, the district is served six days a week by a doctor (who also serves as the clinic administrator), two midwives, two vaccinators, a pharmacist, a lab technician/nurse, and three support staff. 

In 2013, the clinic expanded its services with a traveling vaccinator, who now visits area villages to administer nearly 1,400 vaccinations each month. He travels on a motorcycle purchased with a Rotary Foundation grant, vaccinating infants, children, and adults against polio, measles, and other diseases. 


The clinic was expanded in 2016, when the new maternal and child health (MCH) unit was completed. This facility added two obstetrics and maternity rooms, including patient beds and delivery tables.

The clinic meets the medical needs of more than 32,000 patients each year. 


Funding from a Rotary Foundation grant and Rotary Clubs in both the U.S. have allowed AWAKEN to fully equip and staff the MCH, which now averages eight deliveries per week and 200-300 new cases each month for prenatal and postnatal care, deliveries, and family planning. With this facility, expectant mothers now know they can receive medical assistance, 24 hours a day, when they go into labor. 


AWAKEN is maintaining three healthcare facilities: the Behsood Health Clinic, our maternal & child health unit, and now our new mobile health clinic. Our budget has significantly increased with these endeavors and we need your help to continue them! Please refer to the future of AWAKEN to learn more.

Rotary Foundation grants have vastly improved the care that is provided to patients at the Behsood Health Clinic in other ways, too. In 2013, the clinic’s diesel-powered generator was replaced with a solar power system, producing clean, renewable energy for medical equipment, lighting, a water pump, fans (for warm summer months), and heaters (for cool winter months). 

More recently, in March 2017, Rotary funded the construction of four latrines, two handwashing stations, and two drinking water stations at the clinic, in addition to four latrines at the Qala-e-Malakh School. 

Mobile Clinic

AWAKEN’s most recent venture—creation of a mobile health clinic—became a reality in April! The clinic is now traveling to villages around the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan five days a week, treating an average of 120 patients each day! 


Till this point, AWAKEN’s healthcare services had been available to a limited geographic area, through our Behsood Health Clinic in the village of Qala-e-Malakh and a vaccinator who traveled to surrounding areas by motorcycle. Residents of nearby villages in need of healthcare had to walk as many as 10 kilometers to get to our clinic.


Now, however, AWAKEN is serving patients five days each week, as the five-person staff makes its rounds to seven different villages in the Nangarhar Province. With your donations, we purchased a van and retrofitted it to provide an array of outpatient healthcare services, as well as medications, medical supplies, and vaccinations for polio, tuberculosis, measles, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, hepatitis B, and Hib (a bacterial infection).