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Health Care

Health care is at the core of our work. We provide essential health services to rural and hard-to-reach communities near Behsood, Afghanistan. Our services have positively impacted over 100,000 lives. AWAKEN is maintaining three healthcare facilities: the Behsood Health Clinic, our maternal & child health unit, and now our new mobile health clinic. Our budget has significantly increased with these endeavors and we need your help to continue them! 

Behsood Health Clinic


Over 9 million people lack access to basic health services in Afghanistan 

AWAKEN’s Behsood Health Clinic was completed and opened in 2011 and serves a population of approximately 40,000 people. The clinic sees around 100 patients each day, for a total of 3,000 each month. The majority of these patients are women and children, who often walk several kilometers to reach the clinic. The clinic is staffed by a physician and clinic administrator, two midwives, two vaccinators, a pharmacist, a lab technician, and three support staff. The annual cost of maintaining these services is $29,000.

3,000+ patients seen per month

1,400+ vaccinations given per month

Powered by renewable solar energy

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Maternal & Child Health Unit



In 2015, more than one in 18 children died before their first birthday 

In collaboration with the Rotary Foundation, AWAKEN established the Maternal & Child Health Unit in 2016. Maternal and infant mortality in Afghanistan remains among the worst in the world. Many women die during childbirth from preventable causes due to inadequate health care. This birthing center was added to our existing Behsood Health Clinic to improve health outcomes. We provide prenatal and postnatal care, delivery services, and family planning resources to approximately 200 women each month. In the past year, 122 women gave birth with the help of our midwife.

Provide +200 women with prenatal and postnatal care, delivery services, and family planning resources every month

+120 newborn deliveries every year

Mobile Clinic


Nearly 75% of Afghans live in rural areas, often with no means of transportation & poor infrastructure

Established in April 2019, the mobile clinic was created to reach those remote villages with no access to health care. The mobile clinic with its five-person staff travels to different villages in Nangarhar Province and provides services 5 days a week. These services include basic health screenings and administration of life-saving vaccines that protect against polio, tuberculosis, measles, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, hepatitis B, and haemophilus influenzae. These services are provided to over 2,000 people each month, for a cost of approximately $2600 a month, and $32,000 a year.

2000+ people treated per month

Reaching 10+ villages in remote areas in Afghanistan

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