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The Muncie Afghan Refugee Resettlement Committee (MARRC), born from Awaken Inc., is a volunteer organization working tirelessly to welcome our new Afghan neighbors and ensure that the systems, structures, and support are in place to help these families thrive in their new home.

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MARRC pledges to support each Afghan family for 6 months so they can get their feet under them, find jobs, and establish themselves as a thriving part of our community.  This commitment will require an exceptional fundraising effort from all of us.  Help us build a future together with our new neighbors. As a fully voluntary organization, 100% of your tax-deductible contribution will go directly to the support of our new neighbors.

Donate generously.  Share widely.  





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Make checks payable to:

Awaken Inc. - MARRC

P.O. Box 515
Yorktown, IN 47396

Why Give?

Supporting Afghan Refugee Families is:

A Moral Imperative - Our new neighbors risked their lives for our US service people.  Because of this, they had to uproot everything they had built and flee the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

A Cultural Gift - Our new neighbors bring experience, knowledge, perspective, and culture that will enrich our community in innumerable ways.

An Economic Force - Our new neighbors demonstrate the strongest work ethic  evident in so many refugees.  In addition to taxes paid, Afghan families will provide a boost to the local economy.  With many employers struggling to fill open positions, local employers are clamoring to welcome refugee families.

A Unifying Opportunity - So many sectors of the community are coming together to welcome and provide the necessary  support to our new neighbors.  This is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate to ourselves, as well as those far and wide, who we are and what Muncie has to offer.

What Does Your Gift Support?

Here are examples of what your gift supports at certain levels.  While we hope this informative, we welcome your gift at any amount and encourage you to give generously.

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Who are Our New Neighbors?


Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees arrived at multiple refugee camps across the US in the last two months.  At these camps, security and health screenings are conducted.  At Camp Atterbury, in Indiana, alone, there are 7,000 Afghan refugees.  Most are young families.  40% are 13 years of age or younger.  Over 1,000 are 3 years of age or younger.  Babies are being born every week.  Most of our new neighbors will be young families with children, eager to establish roots, rebuild their lives, and grow into their future in their new community.

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