Afghan Women's And Kids' Education & Necessities

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve access to education, provide healthcare services, create vocational opportunities, and clean water & sanitation to enable Afghan women and families to become literate, healthy, and self-sufficient.




patients provided with essential, free health care

students graduated from our education programs 

women graduated our vocational training program

Our Programs


Serves 1,860 children and teens in grades 1 to 12 and provide college scholarships

Health Care

Cares for more than 36,000 patients per year, providing key maternal & child health support

Vocational Training
Clean Water & Sanitation

Provides more than 60 women each year vocational, literacy & hygiene training

Provide access to clean water and basic sanitation for rural communities in need


The Afghan people are going through immense difficulties, left without food and basic necessities of daily living.

While many Afghans have been able to find refuge and new homes, many more are left behind.

We are and plan to continue serving the Afghan people to the best of our ability while also maintaining safety. We continue to provide emergency relief including a recent food distribution. We also continue to run our Behsood Health Clinic, the Birthing Center, and the Mobile Clinic!! This included a few adjustments to comply with national policies. Our vocational centers are on hold at this time.

We have also shifted some of our funding and efforts towards helping Afghans leave Afghanistan and resettle in new countries, including the U.S.. This includes Muncie, Indiana through our new sub-organization - MARRC.

More information about our updates on AWAKEN and Afghanistan will be shared in a newsletter in the next few weeks. If you would like to be added to the email or mailing list please reach out on messenger or email

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