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The Future of AWAKEN

This year, 2019, AWAKEN achieved its goal of starting a mobile health clinic, to reach more villages beyond Behsood. As such, AWAKEN is currently maintaining three healthcare facilities: the Behsood Health Clinic, our maternal & child health unit, and now our new mobile health clinic. Given our current level of financial support, we cannot sustain both the Behsood Health Clinic (BHC) and the mobile health clinic. The annual cost of maintaining full services—for medical staff, medications, and medical supplies— has been approximately $35,000 for the BHC and now requires another $35,000 for the mobile clinic. In other words, our healthcare budget has doubled, but donations have not kept pace. We are therefore working to negotiate transfer of the BHC to another NGO (non-governmental organization) that shares AWAKEN’s mission for improving healthcare for Afghans.


Until that transfer occurs, we are making budget cuts wherever we can and relying on temporary support from a special donor. AWAKEN’s leaders in both the U.S. and Afghanistan are confident that these steps are the best way to care for the greatest number of patients while also being good stewards of our finances. But as we wait for transfer of the Behsood Health Clinic to another NGO—a process that will likely take many months—we don’t want to reduce the level of care we provide patients. Out future depends on your continued generosity. Please help us meet our $100,000 budget for the coming year. 

AWAKEN’s story continues, and with your support we will be able to do even more to enrich the lives of Afghan women and children, promoting peace through education and an improved quality of life.