Vocational Training


Currently, there are 3 active vocational programs in three different villages, each with 22 students. AWAKEN runs vocational tailoring programs each year in different villages within Behsood District in order to help women learn literacy, hygiene, and tailoring skills. For many women, these skills meant the ability to survive with dignity, and to add to family and community self-sufficiency.

This program consists of six months of learning to use sewing machines to make clothing, while at the same time being taught how to read and about basic health practices.  With these skills, they could better care for themselves and their families.  Upon graduation, they are given a sewing machine and materials.

AWAKEN recently collaborated with Rotary International to establish multiple Saheli Women Centers which includes computer and tailoring courses. The first class of 30 women completed the 5-month session in July 2017. A new center has opened with new students in August 2017 and is currently active.


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