AWAKEN’s Behsood Medical Clinic is located within 5km of a village of over 21,000 people.

19,641:That’s how many new patients – most of them women and children – received healthcare at our clinic in the last fiscal year. Just four short years ago, the Behsood District had no healthcare services, but now, thanks to AWAKEN’s donors, the district is served six days a week by two doctors (one of them female, a rarity in Afghanistan), a midwife, a vaccinator, a nurse/pharmacist, a medical technician, a part-time administrator, and two support staff. All that is possible for just $32,000 a year!

0: That’s the amount of amoxicillin, penicillin, and other antibiotics remaining at the clinic at the end of each month. Tooth infections, bladder infections, and other “simple” infections easily become systemic and even life-threatening if not treated.

0: That’s how much Flagyl and Bactrim are available during the final days of the month to treat diarrhea, one of the leading killers of children in Afghanistan.

0: That’s how many multivitamins remain, leaving no remedy for patients suffering from malnutrition, an especially dangerous condition for children and pregnant women.

0: That’s the number of Tylenol, ibuprofen, and aspirin tablets left on the clinic’s shelves to help those in pain during the last few days of each month.

Demand is exceeding our supply, and the clinic also needs more equipment, a fresh coat of paint, and various repairs.  Our board has responded by increasing our annual budget for medicine and other clinic supplies by 10%, but it won’t go far enough in treating all of the patients who need medication each month.

1 in 5 Children will die before the age of 5
The life expectancy of an Afghan woman is 44 . 4 7 years, half that of an American woman.


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