Mah Pari’s Story

Mah Pari (pictured), a 65-year-old patient, came to AWAKEN’s Behsood Health Clinic to have her blood pressure checked.  While there, she shared the following story of her daughter-in-law’s experience at our new maternal and child health center:

 “In the past, when a woman had a baby, she would suffer a lot and be in significant pain. During the delivery, the baby would often die and the woman’s life was also in danger.

“Thank God for the AWAKEN clinic. My daughter-in-law Fatima was pregnant, and as soon as she started having labor pains, I took her to the AWAKEN clinic.

“I was very surprised and happy to see how easy, comfortable, and respectful the process was compared to the old days. After we arrived, the midwife and nurse prepared her for labor and helped her through the delivery. They also gave her medicine.

“I was surprised to see how far along we have come because of the AWAKEN clinic in our village. There was no need for long travels, and the delivery process was very respectful. I appreciate AWAKEN and all the donors for making it possible for us to have this clinic. God bless you.”

Learn more about the Behsood Health Clinic and the services it provides to women like Mah Pari and Fatima.

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