Women learn tailoring and computer skills at the Saheli Women Center

As one component of our Rotary International Grant, AWAKEN established the Saheli Women Center to provide tailoring and computer classes Afghan women. 30 women completed the first session which began March 1, 2017 and continued through July 30, 2017. The next session began in August and will end in December.

In the tailoring class, women were taught how to tailor and use a sewing machine. They learned how to make measurements and design two standard types of dresses and pants worn in Afghanistan.

In the computer class the women learned the different parts of the computer (monitor, CPU, keyboard, mouse, input & output devices), as well as the installation and use of Windows 7 & MS Office, Microsoft Office Word 2003, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003. Monthly tests were administered to the students in addition to their everyday work.

The women were very appreciative of the opportunity to participate in the program and they are eager to utilize their skills to help their families and communities.

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