Knowledge provides the power to improve the future. The education statistics in Afghanistan are startling and AWAKEN is out to change that through schools, scholarships, and focusing on under-served segments of the population.

I n 2014 alone AWAKEN educated 1091 students in grades 1-11 at AWAKEN’s Qala-e-Malakh
School . Twenty percent of all students there are girls, an amazing statistic in a country that didn’t allow any girls to go to school a dozen years ago, under the Taliban’s reign. We are able to provide this education each month by paying the salary of 2 teachers for the Qala-e-Malakh and Jamali community centers, providing all necessary school supplies, and maintaining the current schools while planning for future expansion into more villages.


Did You Know…

Only 39% of Boys and 3% of Girls are enrolled in School and…
80% of Schools have been damaged or destroyed.


D iligence to the cause ensures that everything is accomplished with a monthly budget of $2,525. This includes building maintenance, operating expenses, 2 teacher’s salaries, and all of the school supplies. Your help is needed to continue the great work being done. Remember $160 a day can fund both the educational and healthcare efforts.
Scholarships are the best way to provide higher level education. In 2014 AWAKEN provided 18 individual scholarships to young adults that had graduated from the local school. Each of these scholars received tuition, room and board, and the mentoring they need to be successful.


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