In 2004, AWAKEN built the co-ed Qala-e-Malakh school to provide education for the girls and boys of Behsood Village. The school continues to expand and now has over 1000 students in grades 1-12. Twenty percent of all students there are girls, an amazing statistic in a country that didn’t allow any girls to go to school a dozen years ago, under the Taliban’s reign. AWAKEN ensures that there are always two female teachers at the school to encourage enrollment and attendance of female students.


AWAKEN also provides scholarships to graduates of the school for higher education. AWAKEN is currently providing 15 individual scholarships to young men and women which covers their tuition, room and board, and the mentoring they need to be successful. Meet some of the students we are sponsoring:

Abdul Razaq, son of Abdul Baqi — Journalism at University of Laghman Province

Hekmatullah, son of Mohammad Alim — Education at Teachers College of Nangarhar

Nabiullah, son of Atiqullah — Criminal Justice, Nangarhar University

Abdul Khaliq, son of Abdul Baqi — Education at Teachers College of Nangarhar

Zikrullah, son of Mohammad Anwar — Computer Science at University of Baghlan in Northern Afghanistan

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