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Rotary International Grant – AWAKEN Budget

2017 budget for the AWAKEN Rotary International grant with spending expensed through the end of April, 2017 Copy of RI Grant budget and reconciliation April 2017 Read More »

Mah Pari’s Story

Mah Pari (pictured), a 65-year-old patient, came to AWAKEN’s Behsood Health Clinic to have her blood pressure checked.  While there, she shared the following story of her daughter-in-law’s experience at our new maternal and child health center:  “In the past, when a woman had a baby, she would suffer a lot and be in significant pain. During the delivery, the ... Read More »

15th Annual Fundraising Dinner Successful!

AWAKEN’s 15th annual fundraising dinner, on April 1st, was a huge success, thanks to supporters like you! Approximately 280 guests attended the dinner and learned about AWAKEN’s ongoing work in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan over the last year.  John and Carolyn Vann, our featured speakers, shared photos and stories of their service with the Peace Corps, from 1966-68, in ... Read More »

Birthing Center Complete!

The birthing center, an addition to the Behsood Medical Clinic is finished! AWAKEN must sustain the birthing center by providing salaries, equipment, and medication. With this new facility we will be able to serve: 1200 prenatal patients, 150 new mothers, and 200 infants each year. Please help us accomplish this goal by donating at or sending a donation to AWAKEN, ... Read More »

Holiday Letter 2016

As the year comes to an end, please keep AWAKEN in your thoughts.  Read our holiday letter to learn about the amazing work AWAKEN has done this year, including building a birthing center! Also, learn what our plans are for the upcoming year.  Thank you all for your continued support.  It is greatly appreciated! Donate Now  or send a check to AWAKEN, ... Read More »

Vocational Training

AWAKEN runs a vocational tailoring programs to help the many adult women with limited literacy and vocational skills. This program consists of six months of learning to use sewing machines to make clothing, while at the same time being taught how to read and about basic health practices.  With these skills, they could better care for themselves and their families.  ... Read More »


nowledge provides the power to improve the future. The education statistics in Afghanistan are startling and AWAKEN is out to change that through schools, scholarships, and focusing on under-served segments of the population. n 2014 alone AWAKEN educated 1091 students in grades 1-11 at AWAKEN’s Qala-e-Malakh School . Twenty percent of all students there are girls, an amazing statistic in ... Read More »

Gulmina’s Story

Gulmina and three of her children recently made the three-kilometer walk from their village to the Behsood Health Clinic to get Tylenol and antibiotics for one of her children, who had a fever and sore throat. “I waited in line for a very long time, but there was no medicine left for us,” Gulmina said. “I was very disappointed and ... Read More »

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