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Birthing Center: 200-300 new cases per month

The Maternal and Child Health Unit (birthing center) is doing really well! Every month there are 200-300 new cases coming for a variety of services including prenatal and postnatal care, deliveries, and family planning. We are grateful for Rotary’s grant and for all of your continued support in making this possible   The birthing center recently hired a new midwife, Raham ... Read More »

Rotary International Grant

Rotary International has sponsored a global grant for AWAKEN which has helped us improve our services and expand our impact to better serve the women and children in rural Afghanistan. The grant consists of 3 parts: Establish Saheli Centers for Women to promote economic and community development. The centers include computer and tailoring classes for women. Each session includes 30 women participating ... Read More »

Mah Pari’s Story

Mah Pari (pictured), a 65-year-old patient, came to AWAKEN’s Behsood Health Clinic to have her blood pressure checked.  While there, she shared the following story of her daughter-in-law’s experience at our new maternal and child health center:  “In the past, when a woman had a baby, she would suffer a lot and be in significant pain. During the delivery, the ... Read More »

New Birthing Center

Muncie Sunrise Rotary Club joined forces with the Rotary Club of Jalalabad to develop and obtain a $71,300 grant for AWAKEN. One component of the three-part grant will be utilized to create a birthing center in the clinic. This new facility will allow AWAKEN to expand its services and greatly improve the safety of childbirth in rural Afghanistan. AWAKEN must sustain the ... Read More »

Rotary Club provides solar power for Behsood Health Clinic

AWAKEN has used a $3,620 Rotary District Grant to purchase and install a solar panel system for its Behsood Health Clinic in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan.  The grant awarded $1,810 from the District, matched by $1,810 from the Muncie Sunrise Rotary Club. The Behsood Health Clinic opened in 2008, and in 2013 alone it treated more than 16,000 patients ... Read More »

Rotary Grant

Behsood Health Clinic gets help from local Rotary clubs AWAKEN recently received a $5,000 Rotary District Grant to purchase medical equipment for its Behsood Health Clinic.  The grant awarded $2,500 from the District, matched by $2,500 from the Muncie Rotary Club and the Muncie Sunrise Rotary Club. The Rotary District Grant has been used to purchase more than a dozen ... Read More »

Gulmina’s Story

Gulmina and three of her children recently made the three-kilometer walk from their village to the Behsood Health Clinic to get Tylenol and antibiotics for one of her children, who had a fever and sore throat. “I waited in line for a very long time, but there was no medicine left for us,” Gulmina said. “I was very disappointed and ... Read More »

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