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Gulmina’s Story

Gulmina and three of her children recently made the three-kilometer walk from their village to the Behsood Health Clinic to get Tylenol and antibiotics for one of her children, who had a fever and sore throat. “I waited in line for a very long time, but there was no medicine left for us,” Gulmina said. “I was very disappointed and ... Read More »

Holiday Message from Bibi

Message from Bibi, As I am thinking of these holidays, I am so blessed and happy to have my children together in the comfort of my home. We are blessed with so much joy and happiness. In these wonderful times that we get to spend with our families and loved ones, let us not forget the people less fortunate than ... Read More »

Story of AWAKEN’s Founder – Bibi Bahrami

Watch a new video about a day in the life of Bibi Bahrami, AWAKEN’s founder and president. Getting an education and having the right to be anything we want to be are some of the values we as Americans hold dear to ourselves. Unfortunately, such opportunities are not available to people, especially women, in impoverished countries around the world. I want ... Read More »

A Beautiful Baby

A beautiful baby being taken care of in the Qala-e-Malakh Medical Clinic.  Can you imagine the future she will have with education, healthcare, and an abundance of life skills? Read More »

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